Are you ready for Sales Enablement?

Listen, I know you already spend most days checking off items on your to-do list. Are the kids going to make it to practice later? Did I pay the electric bill? Is that important project at work still on-schedule? Did I get everything at the grocery store for dinner? Have I contributed enough to society today to slow our descent into chaos and anarchy? These are all valuable, worthwhile tasks that fill your day-to-day life. So I realize that me barging in here with yet another list for you to spend time checking off is a big ask. But trust me, this one is important! If you value your career and the long term success of your organization, you owe it to yourself to truly consider a sales enablement platform. Maybe you’ve done some preliminary research on what sales enablement is, maybe you have only a passing idea of what a sales enablement solution offers, or maybe you’re well-versed in the world of sales enablement. That’s fine! We all take different paths in our journeys. Whatever stage you’re in on your personal quest towards sales enablement enlightenment, if you haven’t decided to take the full plunge you should really consider the benefits of a sales enablement platform. For instance, organizations that have implemented a sales enablement solution have seen a 350% increase in content usage, 275% boost in conversions, and 65% more revenue generated by new reps. Check Your Readiness for Sales Enablement>> Do those sound like good things to you? If they don’t then I fear you have a tenuous grasp on a) basic business concepts, b) the English language or, c) both. In all seriousness, those statistics are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the power of a sales enablement platform. Organizations can be radically transformed through a solution by improving Sales & Marketing alignment, providing insights into content’s effectiveness, making content more accessible, and much more. While a sales enablement platform can do all that, it is still a serious investment that requires time and dedication. The decision to purchase a solution is not one that should be made lightly. How do I know my organization is ready for a sales enablement platform then? I hear you asking, your disconcertment growing louder and louder. Fear not, brave reader, for we have designed the perfect checklist for you. Our Sales Enablement Readiness Checklist is crafted to provide you an honest assessment of where your organization stands and its… well, its readiness for sale enablement. The checklist shouldn’t take you too long to complete, but you should consider each question thoughtfully. Some questions might require you to pop over to your colleague’s desk and pick their brain for a minute. But by the end of the checklist you should have a better understanding of not only whether your organization is ready for a sales enablement solution, but also the possibilities of a platform. So, click the link below and be whisked away to check your sales enablement readiness! Republished with permission from the original at Seismic.



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