Product Marketing Community 2019: 10 Reasons Why You Need to be There

You want to be the best product marketer you can be.

You seek ideas, inspiration, and approaches that will help you achieve your goals. The challenge? You are super busy and can’t always find the latest-greatest tools, tips, and advice. That’s where the Product Marketing Community (PMC) comes in. The PMC is a force that brings together product marketers from all over North America. In the run of a year, we hit six cities. At each stop, we connect local marketers and some of the brightest minds in all things product marketing along with some outstanding analysts.

Chances are if it’s in your job description, it’s covered in the day’s agenda.

Here are ten reasons why you need to sign up right now for PMC.

1. You are an architect of growth. This requires that you know the market, build the message, and enable the messengers. Sounds simple right? As you know, it’s not! And that’s why PMC exists. To give you the tools you need to make sure your message hits the spot. To deliver and experience the sweetness of business growth.

2. When it comes to big ideas, we look at this through a few different lenses. Each event kicks off with experts from SiriusDecisions. They’ve studied all the various permutations of buyer behavior so that you don’t have to start from scratch and can focus on your unique product offering and target market. We guarantee this session will bring some clarity to today’s complicating buyer dynamics.

3. Turn competitive insight into revenue-generating initiatives. It’s always good to know what the competitive landscape looks like as knowing your competitors is key to understanding the market. Crayon’s CMO will help us roll up our sleeves and explore how to approach.

4. Sometimes the best competitive intel comes straight from your buyers. But it can be hard to make sense of mountains of anecdotal information coming from a wide range of sources. DoubleCheck Research has spent some time figuring out this double-edged sword and will be taking the stage to share some strategies for navigating and activating buyer generated intel.

5. The very best modern marketing tactics are essential tools. Market awareness, competitive intel, buyer insights — all of this won’t get you very far if you don’t execute and bring your product to the market. FletcherCSI and Gainsight will be on deck to help move us from insights to brilliant GTM strategies and product-led growth.

6. Imagine if you had a framework that could capture the essence of a modern day product marketer. We’ve got Pragmatic Institute in the house, and they have that very framework. They know that today’s fast-paced environment demands interactive launches and flexible GTM strategies. Their flexible frameworks throw out the rigid rulebook and opening up the way to change the nature of tomorrow.

7. But wait. There’s more! We’ve got some of the best marketing experts in the industry lined up to help us all improve on the art (and science!) of messaging. We’ll learn about a high-impact approach used by SnapApp, then we’ll chat about delivering your message with authenticity with BightTALK, and we’ll hear from Go Narrative on how we can build a strategic messaging foundation — ever heard of the ‘deciding journey’? Corporate Visions will also be joining our conversation, and we’ll be offering up their perspective on science-backed positioning strategies. You’re going to want to take notes!

8. Would you like direct access to Gartner? We’ve got you covered! Every year Gartner takes our event to the next level. This year they will come armed with examples and methods for developing business outcome messaging. Because when you talk impact over feature/function, you’ll walk away with more leads, greater competitive differentiation, and increased sales effectiveness.

9. The last piece of the puzzle is enabling the messenger — your sellers. We’ve got you covered here with some sharp ideas from Seismic. They are going to dive into how sales enablement reinforces differentiation. Furthermore, we’ll also spend some time with our friends at Klue and get some tactical advice on building better battle cards. Lastly, we’re going tackle the notorious sales playbook with DSG and learn some tricks on how you can nail your very first playbook or your next iteration.

10. Delicious food and drink! Of course, we’ll break for coffee, a scrummy lunch, and lots of time to connect the fellow attendees and speakers at our end of day cocktail reception. We know that a great day out of the office isn’t just about absorbing new information. We’ll make sure your taste buds are just as satisfied as your mind, and that you’re meeting new product marketing allies.

So there you have it! From knowing the market to building the message to enabling the messenger, PMC has what you need to become an architect of growth in your role. We can promise you’ll feel energized, inspired, and connected when you return to your office come Monday.


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