What's Your Take? #SurviveThrive Speakers Share Strategies [Video]

Like most industries, product marketing suffers ‘the blind men and the elephant problem.’ It’s an ancient allegory that goes like this:

Five blind men discover an elephant. Each describes it as they experience it. One thinks it’s a tree, another a snake, another, a spear. They aren’t wrong. But they aren’t completely right. It’s only by combining all their experiences that the truth is made clear.

It’s the same with product marketing. This year, we’re using a service called VocalVideo and asking product marketing experts, what’s your truth? What can others learn that only you know?

Below, some wonderfully insightful answers from a few of this year’s speakers:

What do you love to see in a launch?

Alex McDonnell, Sr Product Marketing Manager, Market Intelligence at InVision

“A clear message that gives people something to believe in and companies getting clear on why the launch is happening and what change they’re asking customers to see. The big opportunity that many miss: Capturing the making-of story as told through the eyes of the product team and partners.”

Should product marketing own content?

Macus Andrews, Product Marketing Manager, Hubspot

“In a startup, it’s probably fine for product marketers to own content at first. All product marketers should be content creators and to have that muscle to write well. The best product marketers I know all want to create content.”

How do you develop surefire messaging?

Justin McGarry, Sr Director, Solutions GTM Strategy & Product Marketing, VMware

“We have to help buyers think about how they can be more strategic to their business and about benefits—revenue, risk, velocity, employee satisfaction, what have you. Your messaging must align with the customer’s language, not your company’s language, if you want it to resonate.”

How do you demonstrate you’re an architect of growth?

Jay Gaines, Former CMO of Forrester, SiriusDecisions

“You become the center of customer insight, not just within marketing, but for the entire company. You’re the keeper of insight, and you need to create an architecture around that that makes it usable for everyone on down to sales.”

What’s your take on product marketing? You can record your own VocalVideo—just click a prompt below to begin:

Why are you attending #SurviveThrive?

How do you understand your customers?

How do you decide messaging?

Want more? Join us this year at #SurviveThrive.



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