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What exactly is product marketing? It's still being defined. But most individuals with that title cite three responsibilities: Uniting the sales, marketing, and product teams, deeply understanding the market and the customer, and acting as an architect of growth. Below, resources for people at all stages.

The Sessions from 2020's Summit are Now Live

The Product Marketing Community Journal

Practical Insights for product marketers, by product marketers.


Become a Win/Loss Ninja

You can only improve your strategies when you act with intelligence and rely on data.

The Four Essential Templates for Building and Scaling Product Marketing

By Thomas Dong


Break the Rules of Boring Business Storytelling

Break the rules of boring business storytelling and start telling stories your customers will love… and remember.

User Buyer Enablement to Increase Sales Conversions

If it's easier to buy, it's easier to sell.

Buyers reward companies that help them navigate the complex world of B2B digital buying.

The Launch "Linchpin"

The linchpin of every successful product launch is a combination of compelling messaging and remarkable messengers.

A Product Marketer's Guide to an Audience-Centric GTM

Are you focused on becoming more audience-centric as your company searches for ways to drive profitable growth? Then you'll want to join…

Building a Content Architecture Model That Works

No matter what kind of marketing you're doing, you need quality content to support it.

(Product) Marketing For Growth: The Marketing Plan

You, Product Marketers, play a crucial role in generating revenue, and can play an equally important role in how revenues translate into profit.

“The Product Marketing Community has been a great source of inspiration and education for me. I’ve had the chance to meet product marketers from all industries and different stages in their career.”

- Sudeep Cherian, Head of Global Product Marketing, LinkedIn

Past sessions

A Product Marketer's Guide to an Audience-Centric GTM Plan

Product Marketing for Growth: The Marketing Plan


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