The Product Marketing Community is a destination for b2b marketing executives to gather, share ideas, and become their organization's architect of growth, or “Marchitect.” The community hosts talks, events, a private forum, and exclusive research.
We give b2b product marketing executives the support and frameworks they need to build winning teams, unite the business, and be an architect of growth, or "Marchitect."
We envision a world where every b2b organization understands that to achieve its goals, it must empower its product marketing executives to unite the product and revenue engine.
The rationale behind the name, "The Marchitect."
When designing a space, an architect has to balance a vision for what a building could be with the constraints and character of the place where it will be built; and the needs of those who will inhabit it. They need to combine imagination with the practical and the technical know-how required to build what they dream responsibly. Architecture is the ultimate combination of soaring inspiration and skillful execution.
The Marchitect shares these qualities and challenges. Great product marketing leaders are builders who design how customers will leap from their current reality to a new solution. Marchitects first understand customers and markets, then deliver resources that inspire both sellers and buyers to take action. They deploy the tools of the go-to-market functions of sales, marketing and customer success to build a supportive foundation for business growth and customer value. The next decade of B2B marketing evolution will be driven by marketing leaders who embrace and develop the Marchitect role as the revenue team's best advantage in our digital, customer-driven world.

A Marchitect is an individual who’s mastered five foundational pillars necessary to excel at product marketing, uses that foundation to build up others, and finally become their business’ overall architect of growth.