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Meghan Keaney Anderson, Host, Product Marketing Community & Chris Koehler, CMO, Box

Many companies today still don’t see the connection between marketing and customer success. Chris Koehler, CMO of Box and former head of go-to-market and product marketing for Adobe Creative Cloud for Enterprise, sees things differently [...]


Megan Heuer, Editor & Chief, Product Marketing Community with Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight & Stephanie Robotham, CMO at Gainsight

Nick Mehta is Gainsight’s CEO, responsible for leading the startup to unicorn status, and the author of two thought-leader books on customer success. He’s well-known for passionately making the case that customer success has changed in this new age of the Subscription Economy [...]


Meghan Keaney Anderson, Host, Product Marketing Community with Anthony Kennada, CMO, Front, Mike Berger, VP Product Marketing, SurveyMonkey & Marie Forshaw, VP Platform Management, Gainsight

Gainsight aims to resolve pain points in customer success, and has found huge success as a maturing startup. This cross-section into the minds that built a product marketing-driven organization journeys through the different growth stages and what it took to position Gainsight to its recent unicorn status.

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