Meet Our Advisory Board
Gain insights and mentorship from advisors who can speak to all manner of verticals and business models.

Udi Ledergo

Chief Marketing Officer at Gong

Michael Londgren

Chief Marketing Officer at Siesmic

Cheryl Chavez

Chief Product Officer at Duetto

Tricia Gellman

Chief Marketing Officer at Drift

Andrew Conway

General Manager, Product Marketing at Microsoft

Sudeep Cherian

Head of Global Product Marketing at LinkedIn

Chandar Pattabhriam

Chief Marketing Officer at Coupa Software

Roopal Shah

Vice President of Global Distribution and Enablement at Salesforce

Priya Doty

Vice President of Product Marketing at IBM Systems

Megan Heuer

Co-editor & Chief at PMC & Principal at HeuerB2B

Leslie Talbot

SVP of Strategic Programs at Corporate Visions

Kate Bullis

Managing Partner at SEBA International

Muneyb Minhazuddin

Vice President of Product Marketing at VMware

Wes Bush

Founder at ProductLed

Kyle Poyar

Vice President of Growth at OpenView

Janice Le

Chief Marketing and Product Officer at Helpshift

Deepak Sharma

Partner at Simon Kucher & Partners

Naman Khan

Chief Marketing Officer at Zeplin

Brian Kardon

Chief Marketing Officer at Invision

Meghan Keaney Anderson

Vice President of Marketing at Hubspot

Liza Adams

Vice President of Category and Enterprise Marketing at Smartsheet

Mayank Mehta

Chief Executive Officer at

Vincent Lo

Vice President of Product Marketing at Klue

Sunny Manivannan

Vice President of Product Marketing at Braze

Jonathan Levav

Professor of Marketing at Stanford University

Fred Studer

Chief Marketing Officer at Tibco

Jeff Otto

Vice President of Industries Marketing at Salesforce

Kyle Lacy

Chief Marketing Officer at Lessonly

Ruth Zive

Vice President of Marketing at Ada Support

Mike Berger

Vice President of Product Marketing at SurveyMonkey

Ganesh Subramanian

Director of Product Marketing at Snowflake