Meet Our Team
The PMC team is a group of individuals who boast expertise in a wide variety of fields including marketing automation technology and strategy, product marketing and operations spanning across a myriad of industries.

Meghan Keaney Anderson

Co-host at PMC - Vice President of Marketing at Hubspot

Megan Heuer

Co-editor and Content Chief at PMC - Principal at HeuerB2B (Former SiriusDecisions)

Dave Daniels

Co-host at PMC - Founder at BrainKraft (Former Pragmatic)

Rowan Noronha

Founder of PMC - Vice President of Product Marketing at Zix

Alan Trieu

Chief Operating Officer at PMC - Sales Director at Cinchy

Autum Molay

Co-editor and Content Chief at PMC - Head of Product Marketing at Comscore

Bridget Weitman

Content Production at PMC - Product Marketing Specialist at Comscore

Abrar Ali

Head of Digital at PMC - Senior Manager at Couch & Associates