Welcome to the new Product Marketing Community
Product marketers built this community, for product marketers. When B2B product marketers didn’t have easy access to job guidance, our community combined networking, a forum, and a workshop.
After four-plus years and 20,000 members, the community has solved that need and outgrown its purpose. Recently, product marketing became a core function in the B2B revenue team. We like to think we helped product marketers expand their skills, knowledge, and networks to elevate their role.
Now, we face a new challenge. As the product marketer’s role became more strategic, a new, unmet need emerged from their leaders. Senior product marketing executives need more support to develop their teams to become drivers of a company’s growth strategy. We heard from VPs and CMOs: There’s too much general information and scarce advice on team building. These leaders are budding Marchitects.  
A Marchitect has mastered the five foundational pillars to excel at product marketing, uses them to advance others, and becomes their business’ overall architect of growth.
At the center of sales, customer success, product, demand, and communication, the product marketing executive can unite the revenue team. Only they guide offerings to achieve ideal product-market fit and beyond. Product marketing intimately understands customer needs and journeys, the broader market, and competitive insights. These are crucial to building for growth and customer value. Today, every business needs a Marchitect, including yours.
So what’s changed with the Product Marketing Community?
We are home base for product marketing executives asking questions like:
“How do I define the right go-to-market strategy?”
“How do I get the CRO on my side?”
“How has my market changed?”
“How can we best respond to those changes?”
In the coming months, you can expect access to some exciting new resources:
  1. Leadership interviews from the industry’s luminaries. Learn how they built world-class product marketing functions and best practices
  2. Join invitation-only networking opportunities for executives to connect with peers. Get support and ideas for your most critical challenges.
  3. Receive market facts and new trend identification and analysis. Stay ahead of market shifts and create a competitive advantage for your company.
  4. Access a curated, best-of-content executive library from trusted sources. Easily find what you need.
Thank you for being with us through the first half-decade of our journey! I’m certain you’ll find this next half even more inspiring, illuminating, captivating, and yes, chock-full of arcane architectural references. 
Rowan Noronha,
Founder, Product Marketing Community
VP Product Marketing & Revenue Enablement, Zix | AppRiver